Other Books by Laura L. Smith

The Adult Coloring Book Featuring Cats, Romance, Angels & Flowers


Coloring book being used very effectively. Very different from others on the market. Thank you so much!” Peggy

“Hi Laura, Thanks for the coloring book. Love it!” Lori

“My kids love coloring in it!” Melanie

Adults of all ages are once again rediscovering the joy coloring books. Coloring is fun, relaxing, and enjoyable as you create a beautiful picture. So grab your pens and take some time for yourself to color the selection of cats, people, flowers, angels, and other abstract drawings inside the book. After all, you deserve it! $5.99



Pink Kitty’s Friendly Tales

Pink Kitty's Friendly Tales Cover

Have you ever met a friendly pink kitty? Or how about a bird raised by a mouse who built a recording studio in his house for his younger sister? Bet you don’t know any famous rock star cats or a cat that designs kid’s clothes. Sound interesting? Well then come along and join Pink Kitty as she takes you on a tour through Kitty Town where everyone has fun and gets along. So come in and let’s go for a walk! $10.14



The Cat Chat Forum

BookCoverPreview chat chat forum 10-2013

A fun humorous photo book with witty cat commentary $11.95