What is Clicking for Cash from Home

Special Note: Thank you to everyone who have purchased the

Clicking for Cash from Home guide! 

My goal is help all the aspiring photographers live their dream of making money running a photography business. May your life be blessed with abundance. Thank you all.

Dear Photography Enthusiast,

If you love photography and want “the insider’s key” to making money taking photos—then click here now!

Click for Cash Cover 2014

Clicking for Cash from Home is a 170 page step-by-step guide on mastering the art of running a photography business from the comfort of your home.

This complete guide provides “the professional secrets” and “time tested proven sales methods” that brings in the business.

You won’t be wasting countless hours searching the Internet for scraps of incomplete photography business information.

Plus…you’ll save thousands of dollars on not having to earn a degree in photography or taking out loans to buy a studio because…

For only $10.95 Clicking for Cash from Home  covers essential and timely information that will get you started working as a photographer. Here are a just a few of the topics:

  • Creating a website that brings in 90% of business—sight unseen
  • Where to get the free info that business consultants will charge you thousands of dollars for
  • The one necessary camera accessory that gives all your photos the “studio look”—and it’s not a flash
  • How to make a backdrop for under $30 that costs hundreds of dollars retail
  • The photo techniques revealed that pro’s pay hundreds of dollars to learn in seminars
  • Why leads are a lifesaver… and how to get them for almost nothing or even free
  • The Unique Selling Point that the competition can’t beat and client’s love
  • Exposing costly SEO service company “secrets” that you can do yourself for free
  • The inside scoop on pricing your services that big storefront studios can’t afford to use
  • Knowing when to say the “four word” simple phrase that gets referrals
  • The one vital on-line sales tool that keeps your clients clicking to buy more
  • The two mistakes you need to avoid that will have clients walking away forever
  • What to do to write-off your vacation as a business expense—while having fun doing it!
  • How to do develop black & white film and print fine art photography

And when you buy Clicking for Cash from Home—you will “get the code” to receive free—the Promotional Marketing Kit that includes the pricing sheets, agreement forms, and the sales lead direct response email that brings people to your website…Plus other bonus materials.

And even if you don’t keep the book—the Promotional Marketing Kit is yours to keep forever.

So why watch others make money you could be making? Make it the next thing you do and click here to start making the money you deserve!

Click here for the $8.99 Kindle color version

Clicking for Cash from Home—It’s the ticket to living your photography passion.

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